What size boxing gloves should I get

From time to time, boxers are much more worried regarding the size of boxing gloves and even they ask in their own mind what size boxing gloves should I get. To know the exact size of the glove, first, they need to measure their hands along with fingers.

As a professional boxer, if you want to need an accurate size of boxing gloves, then you need to choose a boxing glove measured one inch larger than your hand size. For your better understanding, you can take help from the boxing gloves size guide. 

If you have a passion to be a professional boxer in your future career, the first thing that you have to do is that you need to have a boxing glove. But it is not a simple way of marketing that you will go to the shop and buy gloves. Before going to buy a boxing glove, you should measure your hands systematically and search


Does any boxer have a question “what size boxing gloves should I get”?

It is very good to remember that as a newcomer in boxing, finding out the accurate size of your boxing gloves is very strenuous work. During your buying time, you will be facing lots of types, brands that make you confused regarding the right selection in boxing gloves sizing.

If you can choose the right sized boxing gloves, then you can make a good start to be a professional boxer. Normally, right fittings boxing gloves come to you when you have the best knowledge about what size boxing gloves suit you.

Take a look at the below tips that you require to select the right size your boxing gloves.

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Knowledge about the size of boxing gloves

The size of the boxing gloves is symbolized by ounce what is called Oz. As a beginner, you need to select the best beginner size like 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz but mostly used boxing sizes are 14,16,18 and 20 oz that is good for sparring.

The size is determined by the amount of padding inside the glove. The heavier weight means your hand will have more protection though it will also slow down your punching speed. If you use heavyweight punching gloves, then the gloves slow down your punching speed for your partner.

It is important to remember that most beginners like to go for bigger size gloves that keep their hands safe. Even the bigger size boxing gloves provide comfort to the beginners to improve their skills.

It is important to remember that all the time you cannot choose your gloves normally. According to the experts, boxing size and type depend on boxers’ weight and their purpose.

boxing gloves size guide

Does boxing glove size matter?

Sometimes if anybody asks you “What size boxing gloves do I need?”  The question may make you surprised if you are a beginning for boxing. It is good to remember that wrong size boxing gloves provide discomfort in your boxing game.

If you wear larger or shorter boxing gloves in your hands, then definitely you will feel uncomfortable on the boxing stage. The main problem comes when you take a step to set up a punch against your opponent. Your punching will not come in the fullest motion.

Take a step to measure your hand wrapping with a tape around the fullest part of your hand excepting a thumb. At the same time, you should consider your body weight and hands circumference both to understand the right size.

Bodyweight              Weight sizeHand circumference
40 – 50 Kg08 Oz5.5” – 6.5”
54 – 68 Kg10 Oz6.5” – 7.5”
68 – 84 Kg12 Oz7.5”-8.5”
84 + kg14 Oz8.5”- 9.5”


Boxing glove size chart

Your boxing gloves’ size comes accurate when you can do a combination between your hands’ size and the gloves’ size. After getting the measurement of your hands, you need to follow the size of the gloves. Regarding gloves’ size, you can take help from a smart boxing glove size chart. Take a look at the chart.

Boxer’s Weight              Hand CircumferenceWeight Size       
91 – 120 Ibs ( 40 – 55 Kg)15 cm – 17 cm08 Oz
120 – 150 Ibs ( 56 – 68 Kg)17 cm -19.5 cm10 Oz
150 – 185 Ibs ( 68.5 – 84 Kg)19.5 cm- 21.5cm12 Oz
185 Ibs & More (84 Kg & above)21 cm to 24 cm14 to 16 Oz


What weight boxing gloves should I get for training?

When you come to finish the matter “What size boxing gloves do boxers use” then you may have the desire to know the weight of boxing gloves for training purposes. Professional boxing gloves and boxing for gloves in need of training are completely different.

During your training season, you can use different types of boxing gloves that should be only training purposes. If you prefer to be lighter boxers, then you need to use only small boxing gloves but for the heavier boxers, you should use larger size gloves like 12, 14 or 16 oz.

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What size boxing gloves should a woman get?

When picking out boxing gloves for women, you have three main considerations. First, size is important to ensure a comfortable fit that minimizes the risk of injury to the hands and fingers. Boxing gloves also

come in different weights, ranging from 8 to 20 oz., with the lighter generally used by professionals and during matches and the heavier having thicker padding and used by novices and for sparring. Boxing gloves are also weighted in either the front or at the wrist.

Front-weighted gloves are more padded around the fingers, tempering the force of blows, and rear-weighted gloves, better suited to professional and match use, have thinner fronts that deliver harder blows.

  • If you are a woman boxer and need boxing gloves, then the best quality boxing gloves come according to three considerations. At your initial stage, you need to confirm the size of the glove that provides you a comfortable fit in your hands.

Even the accurate size of boxing gloves keeps your hands protected from any kind of injuries.

  • Your second step is to give importance on weights of boxing gloves. Generally, weights are ranging from 8 to 20 Oz. Light boxing gloves are perfect for the professional boxer and the heavier gloves with thicker padding need beginners.
  • The third thing that women boxers need to consider is front heavy weighted or rear heavy weighted.

The front weighted gloves are designed with more pads around the fingers for the force of the blow but rear weighted gloves are made with another way. An experienced professional women boxer feels better using rear weighted gloves where as the novice can use front weighted gloves.


What size boxing gloves for a teenager?

Boxing goves sizes come to be perfect when you get in touch with the right type of gloves according to your age. Normally, young needs youth boxing gloves, an adult requires adult boxing gloves and the teenagers should go for gloves made for teenagers.

It is very important to remember that best boxing gloves come with actual weights and their sizes. When you go for your son aged 14 years, then you should take gloves measured 4 oz to 6 oz even 8 oz is the ideal one for the teenagers.


What are the best boxing gloves for beginners?

The best boxing gloves for beginners come firstly if the gloves come with the right size according to your hands. The second thing that you need to consider the quality materials used in the gloves. In that case, you can depend on the brand of the gloves that are well known among the boxers.

If you are the beginner for boxing and want to buy the best boxing gloves within a short time, then you can go for any brand out of seven. Take a look at the below details.

  1. Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves
  2. RDX Ego Boxing Gloves
  3. Sanabul Essential GEL Boxing Gloves
  4. Title Classic Pro Style Training Gloves
  5. Ringside Apex IMF Tech Boxing Gloves
  6. Reevo RXR Boxing Gloves
  7. Meister Boxing Gloves


What size are junior boxing gloves?

Like the adult’s boxing or kid’s boxing, if you are in the junior stage, you need to collect junior boxing gloves. Gloves for junior boxing give junior boxers plenty of benefits at the boxing ground.

Normally, the best boxing gloves for junior boxers come between 4 oz to 8 oz. But if you have any problem to cope up with the gloves’ setting in your hands, then you can take guidance from the boxing expert or gloves’ manufacturer.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do boxing gloves come in sizes?

The boxing glove comes in sizes that suit you best. For the right size, you need to measure your hands first and then follow the boxing gloves sizing chart.

2. Are boxing gloves one size fits all?

Most of the boxers of the same age can use one size according to the boxing gloves sizing chart. But if the boxers come with the exception in their physical figure, then the gloves’ size can be changed suggested by the experts.

3. What size boxing gloves should I get for training?

According to the boxing trainer, as a beginner, you can use gloves measured by 12 oz. Sometimes, training gloves can come with 14 oz when the beginners come to face a problem with 12 oz.

4. What size boxing gloves should I get for a heavy bag?

In need of a heavy bag, it is good for you to use 10 oz gloves that you can use for your best benefit.

5. What size gloves does Mayweather use?

You are a successful boxer but face problems in May weather, then it is sure and certain that your regular gloves do not provide you the best protection. In that case, you can go for the best choice with 10 oz gloves.

6. Do heavier gloves make you faster?

The heavier glove makes you slower at your boxing ground. It is good to remember that when you throw your punch, then punch reaches at your opponent with slower mood due to weight;

7. Is it better to train with heavier gloves?

You as boxing trainer are in the boxing ground, you need to make your learner fit with lighter gloves. The thing is that the lighter gloves make learners slower with punching.

8. When should I get new boxing gloves?

As a beginner, you should purchase a new boxing glove to start your boxing journey. Even whenever your glove does not provide you right services, you need to buy a new one.

9. How do I know my boxing glove size?

To know the size of your boxing gloves, first, you need to measure your hands. With your hand’s size you just follow the boxing gloves’ sizing chart where you can see the exact gloves that suit you right.

10. What size Muay Thai gloves should I get?

You like to go for Muay Thai brand boxing gloves, you need to get in touch with 16 oz gloves that are the best for sparring. If your body weight comes under 140 Ibs, then you can go for 14 oz but more than 140 Ibs, 18 oz is the best.

11. What are 12 oz boxing gloves used for?

With the help of 12 oz boxing gloves, you can do some common use for sparing and pads. Even if you do not understand your size for gloves, then you can buy 12 oz for normal use.

The size of boxing gloves is very important to all of the boxers as the perfect gloves’ size provide them accurate fittings in their hands. Loose fittings of gloves might make you uncomfortable at your boxing ground. That means poor boxing performance without the right gloves’ size tells any boxer to take what size boxing gloves should I get.

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