What Is The Difference Between Baseball And Softball Gloves

Are you using gloves either to protect your hands and fingers from extreme coldness or during the time of baseball playing? If you are a baseball player, then you need to know first the basic difference between baseball and softball gloves.

It is good to remember that most gloves users make a mistake while they are at the time of buying gloves. The reason behind this is that all gloves are almost the same looking with the same color, lacing. It is to be seen that many a time, baseball players do understand the differences between baseballs.

If you do not have proper knowledge about baseball glove Vs. softball glove, then you no need to be worried as today, you will get clear information about the baseball and softball that makes you clear to find out the answer against question ‘Is there a difference between softball and baseball glove.’

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Take a look below to know the difference between softball and baseball gloves

Baseball gloves– Baseball gloves may be made with any materials such as leather, cotton, rubber. A regular baseball glove is 9” with smaller but longer pocket in need of keeping the ball. Baseball. The pocket of baseball gloves is not much deeper.

Softball gloves – Generally, the size of softball glove is 12” and the glove may be made of leather, rubber, and cotton. The pocket of softball gloves is the deepest. As a result of that, the gloves look wider and taller than the baseball.

But you may do a question ‘What is the best way to differentiate softball and baseball gloves from each to another’. Some important features can make you clear about baseball glove Vs. softball gloves.


Design for both of the gloves

Though both of the gloves are the same looking in point of materials, color and lacing, only design of the gloves make softball or baseball gloves unique. The normal size of softball gloves is 12 inch where the size of baseball gloves is 9 inches. The pocket of baseball gloves is designed with a small but longer size whereas the softball gloves are deeper and shorter.

Another feature regarding the design of the glove is the web of the gloves. The web of baseball gloves is more versatile than a softball. The web in softball gloves goes deeper but the baseball gloves are shorter.

The Size

Though baseball gloves and softball gloves look-alike in the display on TV or digital media, the size of both gloves is not the same when the gloves come in your hand. The size range of baseball gloves is from 9 inches to 13 inches where baseball gloves are in the size from 11 inches to 12 inches.

But when you go for baseball catchers’ glove, then size is from 32 inches to 34 inches where the softball catchers’ glove is something bigger. Normally, the size of softball catchers’ glove is from 33 inches to 35 inches. Softball catcher gloves provide more protection than the baseball catchers when the ball comes with high speed.


baseball and softball

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Difference between softball and baseball

If you do not play baseball or softball, you will have nothing knowledge to differentiate one from another. Generally, there is not much difference between the gloves. Softball is an ideal game ball that is played as an indoor game but if you like to play an outdoor game, then definitely you should play baseball games.

Either more or less, there must be a difference between baseball and softball playing. If you want to a professional player baseball or softball, then you must give high importance to your most favorite game like baseball or softball.

Softball becomes a variant of baseball and the softball takes apart as an indoor version of the sport. When softball came into us, it was then an outdoor game played by females and children.

But later, softball has come with a new look at introducing baseball with some basic skills. Though between baseball and softball, there is no much more differences, a few differences, the players always have to face.


In baseball and softball, the almost same type of bats are used. When you come to play baseball, you need to use a longer and greater diameter bats used in softball. In both of the games, you can use bats made of wood, metal or the other materials. Always, a professional baseball player should use the bat made of the best wood.


Baseballs look white with red stitching and its diameter is 9 inches but softball comes with a diameter of 12 inches with the best color, yellow. The softball game is favorite for the young with a ball measured 10 inches diameter.


The major difference between baseball and softball comes in a pitching arrangement. In the case of baseball playing, the pitch distance is about 60 feet away from the plate. On the other side, in the softball game, the pitch comes with a circle shape and it is more than 44 feet away from the plate.

The main difference between baseball and softball discloses through the actual physical acting for both the games. It is very important to know that softball that you need to play underhand but the baseball is overhand or sidearm.


Playing Ground :

The field of play is one of the major differences between baseball and softball. The softball field is shorter than baseball. The format in the bases of softball is 60 feet but in baseball, the size is 90 feet. The yards’ measurement in softball is 250 but in baseball, the field is more than 300 feet.

Professional salaries :

Softball or baseball whatever you can take to play that can make you a professional player according to your effort. But you may be disappointed when you come to know the salaries’ difference.

It is important to remember that according to ‘The new York Times Now’ a professional US baseball player’s average income is 4 dollar million per year whereas softball players can earn maximum 2 dollar million per year.


softball vs baseball

What is one of the main differences between softball and baseball?

The difference between baseball and softball is not big but something is obvious there. Both of the sports need the same playing activities with different playing equipment. The size of the field, bats and even balls are completely different looking from each to another.

The size and color of the ball are different that you can easily make both separate from each to another. The baseball looks white with red seams while the color of the softball is yellow.

The size of softball is 12 to 13 inches while the baseball-size 9 inches. As the sizes are different from the balls, the pattern of their throwing naturally comes differently.

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Can you use a baseball glove for softball?

Generally, the size of gloves in any game either softball or baseball gives players comfort during the time of playing. For this reason, the best softball and baseball games completely different from another.

The softball comes in size measured by 12 inches having a deeper but shorter pocket while the size of baseball gloves is 9 inches with a smaller but longer pocket.

That means if the players come to use baseball gloves for the softball playing, then they will not cope up with the playing of softball. Even the game will come to make a mess for the spectators.

Slowpitch softball glove vs baseball glove

Catchers’ Glove

In slow pitch softball, catchers are not bound to wear softball gloves as they do not face any problem to catch a ball. The main thing is that in the softball game, the ball does not run with full speed.

But on the other side, fastpitch baseball catchers might need to wear the gloves on hand as they need to catch the ball with a speed measured by 55 mph or more speed. The gloves provide the catchers’ benefits in two ways such as best protection and highest support.

Pitchers’ Glove 

The key difference between the two games such as softball and baseball is pitchers’ gloves. In the slowpitch softball game, there is only one pitch that the players need to face but on the fastpitch, there are many more differences in the pitches where the pitchers have to hide their fingers according to the placement on the ball.

softball and baseball play ground

Fastpitch softball glove vs baseball glove

If you have a wish to crack down the trendy question ‘Is there a difference between softball glove and baseball glove?’ then you also take effort to know about the fastpitch softball glove and even you can do a comparison with baseball gloves.

Fastpitch softball glove is designed with a larger pattern than a baseball glove as the ball of fastpitch softball is larger. When you come to take a part in the fastpitch softball game, then you have to make gloves with a special order by a glove manufacturer.

When you come to play a fastpitch softball game, then you can buy the baseball gloves as the gloves in need of fastpitch softball and baseball gloves are almost the same in design and size.


Youth softball glove vs baseball glove

If you are in the age group from 18 to 30 years, and interested in softball playing, then you should use youth softball glove. It is good to know that with the help of youth gloves, you will have an awesome comfort during the time of playing.

In your young slim looking physical hand, youth softball gloves will give you tight fittings. As a result of that, you will get the best comfort to play softball playing charmingly.

Normally, the size of youth softball comes with 9 inches long. Even the gloves are designed with shorter finger slots with a deeper pocket to catch the ball very easily.

If you do not find the best youth softball glove, then you undoubtedly can take the baseball glove as the size of a baseball and young softball glove are the same in size that is 9 inches long.

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Top softball glove or a baseball glove

When you come to buy gloves for softball, then you have to purchase the top softball gloves. The top quality means the accurate size of the softball gloves along with the pocket measurement. Only the top quality softball gloves make you benefited to play the game.

The best quality softball glove means the exact size that goes 9 inches. The pocket design should come deeper and shorter. With the exact size and designed softball gloves, you can be able to tackle the game in your favor.

Even you can take the baseball gloves when the softball glove does not come to you with the right fittings after a long search. You already have known at the initial of this article that baseball and softball games are almost the same regarding playing activities.

So, you can use baseball gloves instead of top softball gloves when your participation in the game is very urgent.

what is the difference between a baseball and softball glove

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can you play softball with a baseball glove?

I can play softball with the baseball glove. The thing is that when I do not get the top quality softball gloves, then I purchase baseball gloves for instant playing.

  1. How should a baseball glove fit on your hand?

Baseball glove comes to give you the exact fittings when the size and design are accurate. Generally, baseball comes with 9 inches measurement having a small pocket with longer measurement. The accurate size and design from baseball make you fittest to play the game perfectly.

  1. How a baseball glove should fit?

Baseball gloves provide you the right fitness if you come to do the accurate measurement of your hands. Your careful attempts during the time of measuring hands undoubtedly provide you with right measured gloves.

  1. How do you measure your hand for a baseball glove?

In that case, you need to measure your hands from index finger to the starting point of your wrists in inches. The gloves’ size should be slightly larger than your hands.

  1. Is it a baseball glove or mitt?

It can be a baseball glove or mittens as both of the things you can use during baseball or softball playing.

  1. What kind of glove do I need for softball?

If you are a young softball player, then definitely you need to get in touch with the youth softball glove. Even you can go for a baseball glove when you do not find the best quality softball gloves.

  1. Is there a difference between slow-pitch and fastpitch softball gloves?

There is sure a difference between fastpitch and slowpitch softball. In the slowpitch softball, the gloves come with a deeper but shorter pocket as the ball is small. But in the fastpitch, the pocket in the glove is larger than slowpitch gloves.

  1. What’s the difference between a glove and a mitt?

The difference between glove and mitten is something that is seen only in the fingers’ shell. In the gloves, the fingers’ shell is designed separately but in mittens, all fingers are kept in a single pocket.

If you want to play either baseball or softball, you should put on gloves in your hands during the time of playing. It is a very common thing that all the players including you like to do the best performance in a particular playing like baseball or softball.

The gloves make you perfect for doing a performance in baseball or softball game. But if you do a mistake in selection for a particular glove for the particular game, then your performance in the game goes in worst.

To make your playing awesome with the exact gloves, you should take an initiative to know the difference between baseball and softball gloves.

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