Baseball Glove Size Chart | How do you choose the right size?

A baseball glove size chart is very important while you are in glove purchasing. It is sure and certain that baseball glove size depends on hand measurement. If you do the hand measurement perfectly, then the gloves’ fitting in hand comes exactly.

Generally, the size of the gloves comes right when you do the measurement of your hands in the correct way. The thing is that the size of the gloves comes slightly shorter than your hand’s measuring. But it is very difficult to know the actual size of the gloves from your side.

Instantly to know the size of your gloves, the glove size chart will guide you on how to select the exact baseball gloves that give a perfect fitting in your hands. As a result of that, you must feel comfortable during the time of your baseball playing with the best performance.

If you have gloves’ chart with full information in your pocket, then gloves’ selection and it’s purchasing from your side will be best without hassle. Today, through this article, you will get the complete chart details with the best information regarding gloves’ size.

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What information does the Baseball glove size chart provide?    

In baseball or softball playing, fielding glove is one of the most essential tools that can make you a successful baseball player. With that kind of glove, you will have an opportunity to make a spectacular diving catch in fielding work.

But it is not that baseball gloves or softball gloves come effective only depending on the materials used in the gloves as well as the size of hands. The first and foremost thing about the size of baseball gloves is the position in which you play.

Even there is a lot of things that

you should consider determining the size of your baseball tools equipped you the best.

The things to measure baseball gloves :

  • Baseball gloves chart for sizes
  • The exact process to measure a baseball glove
  • Types of gloves depending on the position

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Baseball gloves chart for sizes


AGE                CATCHER              FIRST BASE                SECOND BASE               PITCHER                 OUTFIELD 

Under 7 years    29 – 30”                   12.00”                              8” – 11”                8 – 11”                     9 – 11”

8 – 10 years        30 – 31.5”                 11” – 12”                      11” – 12”               11” – 12”                10” – 12”

11 – 13 years      30” – 32”                  11” – 12”                      11.5” – 12”          11” – 12.5”      11.25 – 12.50”

14 over               32” – 34”                  12” – 13.25”                 11” – 11.50”        11.25” – 11.75”     NA


The exact process to measure a baseball glove

From time to time, you might have a question in your mind “How do you know what size of your hands’ gloves?” To measure the size of your glove, you have to start the measurement from the top of the index finger to the down finger of the gloves. After that, you need to measure the heel of the glove.

Apart from the size of the glove, you need to take an initiative on some gloves’ parts that help you to do the right measurement of your gloves. Take a look below to know how the parts of the gloves give you the right gloves fittings in your hand.

  •  Webbing – Webbing is an important part of the glove as it connects the thumb portion of the glove to fingers. It helps the players to catch the ball in any condition. The web keeps the fingers protected in the gloves. Webs in gloves come in various styles and sizes that completely depend on the position of the baseball player.
  • Fingers – If you have long fingers, then the right size of the gloves come for you with longer fingers type glove. Sometimes, any player can have a longer finger type glove where the player can keep their two fingers in the one whole. Or he can go for one to one.

to the benefit of the players, they choose the glove with the right size after measuring.

  • Palm – The palm of the glove either baseball or softball works with the web to hold the ball securely when you catch the ball. It is good to know that the palm works like a pocket.

The palm provides pad like benefits to hands just to reduce the stings during the ball catching time in the palm.

  • Heel – The glove’s heel is located under the palm and it makes glove in the correct shape of the glove. This particular part of the new baseball is stiffest to arrange a padding system to the lower part and upper wrist of gloves.

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youth baseball gloves


Types of gloves depending on the position

The actual type of baseball glove that you need in your playing time completely depends on your position. According to the positions of the baseball game, there are different sizes of baseball with the correct measurement.

It is good to remember that a unique size of gloves provides you the right ability to catch the ball or save the ball at a particular location.

  • Pitcher’s gloves – If your position as a pitcher, then you can easily use any kind of infield glove. The pitcher works to deceive the batter. The best pitcher’s glove is designed with a closed web in order to hide the ball and the grip from the batter.
  • Catcher’s glove – The catcher’s glove has a unique look among different types of baseball gloves. The catcher goes for catching the high-speed ball and even need to protect his hand. Catcher’s glove is like a pad and larger than the other types of gloves.
  • First baseman’s glove – First baseman glove is totally different looking. This kind of glove is larger and does not have finger holes. This particular type of glove is designed with a unique style at the edge for picking and scooping balls.
  • Infielder’s glove – The infielder uses light and small gloves. With this kind of glove, infielders can move easily from one place to another. This small size of the glove provides an opportunity to the players for transferring ball quickly and makes them able to do double plays.
  • Outfielder’s glove – The outfielders use a longer type of gloves than any other gloves used on the field. As outfielder tracks down the fly balls, the longer type gloves make the outfielder able to increase their range.

This particular type of glove has a deeper pocket to protect the balls from popping out through the glove. Even the glove helps the fielder to save the ball flying over the wall.

What size baseball glove do I need?

You need to have a baseball glove according to your playing posing. Suppose if you play in an outfielder’s position, then the size of your baseball comes according to outfielders. But if you like to play in different positions, then you have to take one glove that serves best in a variety of positions.

In general, if you are a young then you can go for the gloves measured 9 – 11 inches. Adults can go for sizes between 11 to 11.75 inches.

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Child baseball glove size chart

     Age                                Position                                                  Glove Size


3 to 6 years              All position                                                    8.25” – 10”

7 to 12 years             1st Base                                                       11.50” – 12.50”

7 to 12 years              Infield                                                          10.50” – 11.50”

7 to 12 years              outfield                                                        11.25” – 11.75″

7 to 12 years              Catchers                                                      31.25” – 32”

12+ years old             1st Base                                                       12.50” – 13”

12+ years old             Infield                                                           11.50” – 12”

12+ years old            Outfield                                                         12”- 13.00”

12+years old             Catcher                                                          32.50” – 34.50”


Baseball glove size chart for youth

The size of a baseball glove depends on baseball or softball playing position that the players hold.

Even the size comes to be measured according to the age of the players. The young baseball players use gloves as playing as well as playing position.

Generally, youth baseball glove comes under the sizes ranging from 9 inches to 12 inches. According to the baseball experts, players under the age of 8 years use gloves measured by 9 to 11 inches and the players above 8 years wear gloves 11 inches and above. To check the glove size chart, take a look at the below details.

     Age                            Position                                                  Glove Size


12+ years old             1st Base                                                      12.50” – 13”

12+ years old             Infield                                                         11.50” – 12”

12+ years old             Outfield                                                      12”- 13.00”

12+years old              Catcher                                                       32.50” – 34.50”


Men’s baseball glove size chart

If you and your little son are baseball players, then from time to time, you need to buy the baseball gloves. But regarding baseball purchasing, you only need to give importance to the men’s baseball glove in different sizes through the baseball size chart.

                                     Men’s Baseball Glove Sizes


                                 Type of MEN SIZES

                                      Small –        6.75” – 7”

                                      Medium –  7.00” -7.25”

                                      Large-        7.25” – 7.75”

                                 Extra Large-   7.50” – 8.00”

                        Extra Extra large-  8.00” – 8.50”


Baseball batting glove size chart

In a good performance in baseball batting, you need to collect the baseball batting glove in the accurate size. To get the accurate baseball glove size, a baseball glove size chart will provide you the right information that will guide you rightly. Take a look at the below details for the glove size chart.


                         Baseball Batting Glove Size Chart

  Size                       Men’s                Women’s                                 Youth


  X-Small          6.50”- 7.00”            5.50”- 6.25”                       5.25” – 5.75”

   Small             6.75”- 7.25”            6.25”- 6.25”                       5.50”-6.00”                                    Medium           7.00 – 7.50”             6.50”- 7.00”                       5.75”- 6.25”

Large                 7.25”- 7.75”            6.50”- 7.00”                       6.00”- 6.75”                                                            Extra Extra Large7.75” – 8.25”         NA                                           NA


Franklin baseball glove size chart

Baseball gloves for batting come in different sizes in different brands. The important work from you is to determine the accurate size that fits your hands. The brand named Franklin baseball gloves comes to make your playing easy with different sizes of gloves.

Considering the benefits of the baseball players, Franklin has brought a baseball glove size chart for buying easy. In three different size charts, you can be able to understand the exact gloves that make you fit best.

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MEN’s Glove size chart

                                Type               Size


Small             6.50” – 7”

Medium       7.00” – 7.50”

Large            7.50 – 8.00”

Extra Large           7.50” – 8.00”

Extra Extra Large          8.00” – 8.50”


Women’s Glove size chart     

Type                     Size

                                      Small                    6.30” – 7.00”

Medium                6.30” – 7.00”

Large                    7.00 – 730”


Youth Gloves size chart 

                             Type               Size

                             Small          6.25” – 6.75”

                              Large         6.50” – 7.00”


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baseball glove hand size


Little league baseball glove size chart

The base glove is one of the best essential equipment that you need during the time of league playing. The gloves are designed with small fingers with wrist openings. According to your choice, you can take the gloves with your pocket.

The league baseball gloves come with maximum benefits when you get the gloves through the right measurement by proper size chart. Take a look at the below details for the little league baseball glove size chart.

  Age                       Playing position              Size


3 to 6 years              All position                8.25” – 10”


7 to 12 years          1st Base                     11.50” – 12.50”


7 to 12 years          Infield                         10.50” – 11.50”

7 to 12 years         outfield                       11.25” – 12.25”

7 to 12 years         Catchers                     31.25” – 32”


Why Wear Batting Gloves?

Baseball batting gloves provide the best quality of grip for the wooden or metal bat. With the best brand Muzino baseball glove gives the maximum dexterity to the players. As a result of that, you as a baseball player make the best performance in your baseball game.

This particular baseball glove provides the best level of protection during the day. The gloves come to lessen the vibration while you hit the ball with the bat.

You only can get the best baseball glove once you measure the gloves with the gloves’ size chart. Go through the details mentioned below the size chart.


MEN’s Glove  size chart

                                     Type                        Size


Small                       6.50” – 7”

Medium                 7.00” – 7.50”

Large                      7.50 – 8.00”

Extra Large                     7.50” – 8.00”

Extra Extra Large                    8.00” – 8.50”


 Women’s Glove size chart


Type                   Size

                                      Small                     6.30” – 7.00”

Medium                 6.30” – 7.00”

Large                      7.00 – 730”


 Youth Gloves size chart

                                  Type                                           Size

                              Small                                        6.25” – 6.75”

                              Large                                        6.50” – 7.00”


 Rawlings baseball glove size chart

Rawlings baseball glove is another most important glove that provides you the right kind of benefit at your playing. But one thing you need to remember that you should wear the glove with the right measurement.

Rawlings baseball glove size chart will help you to find the best size of the glove that suits you comfortably. As a result of that, the players will have good performance in baseball playing.

AGE             CATCHER      1st BASE         SECOND BASE           THIRD BASE              PITCHER           OUTFIELD

————————————————————————————————————————————————-                                                                                                                                                                                           Under 7   29.75” -30”      11.25” -11.75”  10.25”- 10.75”    10.25”- 10.75”  10.25”-10.75”         9.25”-1075”

8-10         30- 31.25”        11.25-12”          10.75”-11.25”     10.75” -11.50     10.75”- 11.50”   10.25 – 12.25”

11-13       30.25”-32.75  11.75”-12.25”    11.25”-11.75”     11.00”- 11.50”   11.50”-12.25”    11.75”-12.75”

14 +         32.00”-34.25” 11.75”-13.00”    11.25”-11.50”     11.25” -12.00”   11.50”- 12.00”   12.00”-13.25”


Baseball catchers’ glove size chart

The softball catcher’s mitt has a deeper pocket and thinner sidewalls to accommodate for the bigger ball. Catcher’s mitts are also measured differently than the standard fielding glove. Instead of the standard measuring, they are measured around the circumference of the glove to capture the entire catching area of the mitt. The standard size range is from 29.5 to 34.5 inches for baseball and from 29.5 to 35 inches for softball.

The baseball gloves are designed with deeper pockets and thinner sidewalls that can keep the bigger ball easily. The size of the gloves is different according to the players’ needs. With an effective chart, anyone can understand the actual size of the gloves that fit him rightly.

The size range of the glove is between 29 inches to 34 inches. Take a look at the chart below.

AGE                           LENGTH

Under7              29 inches to 30 inches

8 – 10                30.25 inches to 31.25 inches

11 – 13              30 inches to 34 inches

14 and above   32 inches to 34.25 inches


How should a baseball glove fit?

It is good to remember that the best brand baseball glove does not provide the highest range of comfort in your hand during the time of your baseball playing. If the gloves do not come to fit in your, then your baseball playing will be undoubtedly worst.

The best comfort wearing gloves comes when your gloves give you the right fitness. In that case, you need to arrange the accurate size of the gloves that come with the measurement of your hands. With the best effort, you need to measure your hands first.

For your hand measuring step, you should measure your hands from the tip of the index finger to your wrist in inches. When you come to choose baseball gloves, you have to take the gloves slightly larger than your hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I know what size baseball glove to buy?                                                             

 To buy the baseball gloves, first of all, you need to select the gloves depending on your age. After that, you have to go through the gloves sizing chart mentioned in the article. But always you should select the size of the gloves one size larger from your hand.

2. What size baseball glove Should a 10-year-old use?

If you are 10 years age, then, first of all, you need to get in touch with the baseball glove sizing chart. But if you do not have the chart in you, then you can take the size like 11.25 inches to 12.25 inches.

  1. How should a baseball glove fit a child?

The child baseball glove comes fit when you take it according to the age. But all time, hand size depending on the age will not be perfect to provide the accurate hand fittings. In that case, you should give importance to your hand measurement.

  1. Should a baseball glove cover your wrist?

The baseball gloves cover the area from the tip of the index finger to the beginning of the wrist. That means the gloves do not cover the wrist completely.

  1. What size glove Should a 12-year-old use?

It is good to remember that age is not the only thing that will make you known about the actual size of the baseball glove. The size of the glove also depends on the position where you are engaged to play. Just check the glove sizing chart.

  1. How do you soften a baseball glove?

To soften the baseball glove, you need to be engaged in catch playing with your new gloves. To do more soften your gloves, you can do your activity in all day-night.

  1. What size glove do MLB infielders use?

The first baseman uses 11.25 inches to 11.50 inches gloves , the second baseman uses 11.50 inches or a little more and as the third baseman, you can take up to 12.50 inches to cope up with fast and foul balls.

  1. What size glove should an 11-year-old use?

According to the age, you can buy the gloves used for 11 years, baseball players. In that particular case, you need to go through the gloves sizing chart prepared by the gloves experts in this article.

  1. What size glove should a shortstop use for baseball?

Baseball gloves totally depend on the position of the baseball game. The position named by shortstop is the same as the second base. According to the age, players need to use the shortstop gloves for their good playing performance.

  1. What size bat should a 7-year-old use?

According to the baseball gloves’ expert and the glove size chart, seven years old should use 28 inches and 18 ounces gloves that mean 28/18.

The professional baseball players should keep importance on the selection of baseball glove. The exact size of the baseball glove provides the best benefit to the players during the playing.

The right size of the baseball glove depends on the measurement of your hands. In that case, you need to measure your hands very carefully with the right technical tools. It is very important to remember that the size of baseball gloves comes one size large that your hands size.

The exact size of baseball gloves comes to you once you use a baseball gloves size chart from your side.

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