Baseball Glove Repair Tips & Techniques [2020 Update]

Hassle-free performance in a baseball game is possible only when you wear the best baseball gloves, Gloves might be best in working condition if you take initiative for baseball glove repair often.

Long-time using baseball glove will give you discomfort during your baseball playing as the leather of the gloves comes off or the stitching in the gloves may be torn off. Even sometimes, the leather used in gloves come to be stiff and hard.

To keep your baseball gloves fit and workable, you need to check your baseball gloves once you complete a baseball game. Your every initiative for checking baseball gloves makes you alert when your gloves need repairing.

Your effort for repairing baseball gloves only comes effective if you know how to repair baseball gloves. Through this article, you will get the most effective information on how to relace baseball glove.

Take a look at the below details for your best knowledge regarding baseball gloves repairing.

Basic tips for baseball glove repair


Basic tips for baseball glove repair

In baseball or softball game, a glove is an important tool for the players. They come to spend a great amount of time breaking in, using and protecting. At last, the glove comes to an end with lace snapping, ball-breaking through the webbing

But a player can extend the life of a glove with a process of repair. With your simple effort, you can repair baseball gloves very simply following the instructions.



  • Re-lacing for the glove can be done within some minutes. If you want to repair your baseball gloves, first you need to do re-lacing. It is important to remember that for your first time, you can face something problem but at your second time, you will feel comfortable in re-lacing.
  • To do work re-lacing, you need to have some of the tools that are used technically.
  • Laces – Laces are sized normally in length of 72-75 inches where a baseball glove requires 3-4 laces. But sometimes, gloves like catchers’ gloves or trapeze gloves are designed with more laces.
  • Needle shape in U-wire or straight
  • Conditioner
  • Sharp Knife

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How to re-lacing baseball glove?

If you do not know how to relace baseball glove at your first time, then it is ok. Most people feel uncomfortable in the thought of re-lacing gloves with own way. But it is true to say that the process of re-lacing is not at all daunting tasks.

Follow some easy steps that are mentioned below:

  • If you want to remove the damaged laces, then, first of all, you need to draw a diagram or take snapshots of your baseball gloves from different angles. But if this time is your first time to replace your gloves, then you need to do relacing very immediately.
  • Your first step for relacing, you need to replace one new lace into one whole after removing.
  • When you complete ending removing laces, you need to apply conditioner at the gloves especially the location between the fingers. You need to remember that you should apply the conditioner not only on the removing point of the gloves but also on the entire gloves even inside.
  • Even you have to rub some conditioner on the laces before you start to re-lace. The conditioner rubbed laces make the process relacing easier with your fingers.
  • The baseball gloves relacing comes to be easier when you come to replace the laces from the smoother sides. In that case, you need to start at the backside of your pinky finger as a whole that does not appear.
  • You need to feed the needle with lace through the hole in a down line to the palm. At that time, you have to use your non-lacing hand feeling the holes located underside of the glove. This process is the right judgment that provides you benefit to feel your gloves’ shape.
  • In most of the gloves, the pattern after the next series of holes, that you will have to follow, is lace, lace, space, lace, lace, lace.
  • You come to reach the area where the web is, use the closest hole and make a tie off a knot.



Some restriction that you need to follow during relacing

  • When you are in purchasing laces, you need to select the laces with a thickness measured by 3/16 inch wide. You should take ¼ inch only for first base and catcher’s gloves.
  • The conditioner that you apply on the laces, should not be any animal byproducts as your most favorable pet, dog, can chew the gloves. Always try to use the top branded conditioner.
  • Re-lacing is very strenuous work. You have to be sure to uncover the finger sleeves on the inside part of the glove especially the pinky and thumb fingers. You should go under all these.

With the repetition of the same processes, you need to complete the whole work of relacing. But your relacing work comes to completely end when you finish relacing the web. Go through the detailed information regarding the web relacing mentioned below.


repair baseball or softball gloves

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How to replace A Baseball Glove Web?

Relace baseball glove comes to be fruitful if you get success in taking the web off. The work of webbing off that you have to do during your lacing off. Though the webbing off is very strenuous work you need not be worried. To make the process of webbing off easy and comfortable, just you need to be very careful with patience.

To reattach the web in your glove, you need to follow the same process that you did in relacing. It is important to remember that you should complete the web attaching before you come to finish the work for laces on the fingers.

But if you do the lacing on the fingers first, you shall have to backtrack in need of getting the lace through the pocket located on the top of the gloves. Just see steps to have your gloves as a new one.

Before you start work, you need to be sure about your previous work regarding webbing.

  • Make a straight line up web and lace before you start your work.
  •  Do not put laces incorrectly.
  • You need to start lacing from the baseball gloves’ bottom backside where the web is. At that time, you need to keep some extra laces out as your work will be easier to knot another piece of laces together.
  • You should go to start on the thumb side of the glove. Just insert the lace into the hole closest to the edge of the gloves beside the pocket. To make the process easiest, you need to follow the pattern, the funnel and the style of the glove.
  • You will do the same process until and unless you come to the top of the web where you need to feed the lace into the funnel.
  • Just do a similar process down the other end of the web and do the same work for the thumb side.
  • You need to be confirmed about the tightness between lace and the web. To be safe from danger caused by breaking through baseball, you do not neglect any hole.

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Where to relace a baseball glove?

If you need to replace your baseball gloves, then you can do the relacing work either with your initiative or some professional experts.

If you want to do baseball gloves’ relacing with your effort, then you need to know first how to relace a baseball glove first. Even you need to have a practical experience that makes your gloves’ relacing easy and durable.

If you do not have any previous experience in relacing work for baseball, then you have to get in touch with a popular shop where experienced and skilled gloves relacing experts are available. Sometimes, you can go for gloves’ manufacturers experienced in gloves repair.

Even you can do the gloves repairing with the help of gloves repairing kit.


Baseball glove relacing kit

If you have a strong desire to replace your baseball gloves with your effort without any previous experience, then your effort may be risky. The thing is that nothing experience in gloves relacing might not be up to the mark.

But your first time effort in gloves relacing can be fruitful if you keep baseball glove relacing kit at your hands. To do work of glove relacing effective with the help of the kit, you need to know something about the relacing kit.

It is very important to know that a glove repairing kit contains all the tools leather cutter, leather punch, steel lacing tool, tool tote including three pieces of 72” laces.

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How to relace a Mizuno baseball glove

You need to give much more importance on baseball glove restoration when you are in use of Mizuno baseball glove. It is very important to know that if you want to relace Mizuno baseball gloves with your effort, then I am a baseball glove expert can suggest you to re-lace your gloves by a professional repair center.

Sometimes, Mizuno baseball gloves’ relacing can be fruitful by your effort if you have previous experience. With your first time attempt, you can do the best performance in relacing for Mizuno baseball glove using the best relacing kit.


baseball glove repair tools


Wilson baseball glove repair

The repairing process of Wilson baseball glove is almost the same used in general baseball gloves. If you are in the first time to repair Wilson baseball gloves, then you can repair using Wilson baseball glove repairing kit.

If you do not want to take effort from your side to repair Wilson baseball glove, then you can go for the Wilson baseball glove repairing shop. The repairing work done by the company approved expert provides you the best result in gloves repairing.

Is it cheaper to repair baseball glove lining or buy a new glove?

Repairing the lining of the glove or buying a new one completely depends on the condition of the lining. If the lining condition of the glove is very worst, then you need to purchase a new glove that will save money in your pocket.

If the lining condition of the glove is more or less good, then you can go for repair. Either the lining condition is ok or not that depends on gloves repair expert. Even the expert will suggest you buy a new baseball glove if the lining condition comes bad.

Sometimes, the cost of gloves repairing can be high with multiple works for lining repairing. Sometimes, repairing cost comes similar to the price of 2 new baseball gloves. That means you can buy new gloves instead of lining repairing in your present gloves.

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How to repair nick baseball glove?

With your effort, you can repair Nike baseball gloves very easily within a short time. If you do not have any experience then during your repairing time, you can use the best baseball glove repairing kit.

If you do not do repairing work with your great work, then it will be good for you to get in touch with the repairing shop. The trained and experienced gloves repairing expert will give you the best services for repairing.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. where can I get my baseball glove relaced near me?

If you have any need to relace baseball glove, then you at first search your nearest market. You surely will find out the best shop to replace gloves.

  1. When is it time to replace a baseball glove?

You have to change your present baseball glove when it becomes below the level of working condition and even the glove is not repairable.

  1. What is a baseball glove?

The glove is a hand covering made of leather, cotton or some other materials and it is used during baseball playing to keep hands safe and protected.

  1. How do you repair the glove box locking mechanism?

If you face any problem in your current glove box lock, then you should check the lock properly. At that time, if you see any minor problem, then it is good for you to repair the lock. You confirmedly do removal of the existing compartment lock when the lock system is completely damaged.

  1. How much does it cost to restring a baseball glove?

The cost of restringing cannot be a fixed amount. The actual cost completely depends on the condition of the glove. If the condition is a little bit, then the charge comes low. Major damage in gloves demands a lot of charges.

  1. What is baseball glove steaming?

The glove streaming increases the range of playability in your glove. This particular process reduces the stiffness of the leather. Streaming provides the softness of the glove with high performance.

You will require a baseball glove while you are a professional baseball player. But every end time of your baseball playing, baseball glove may come to be damaged either in lace or web. To keep gloves fit always, you need to know the process of baseball gloves repair.

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